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IN GOP Leaders Propose Right to Work Bills

Republicans in the Indiana House have filed bills that would prevent workers from being required to pay union dues, an issue considered so divisive that Gov. Mitch Daniels would prefer to avoid it.

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Disastrous Election Year for Unions

As the year ends, many people are already looking back on 2010 as a historic time of political upheaval. But one of the year’s biggest political developments has been mostly overlooked.

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Obama to Labor: I’m On Your Side

President Barack Obama tended to his frayed relations with Big Labor on Friday, assuring leaders he won’t short-change workers while negotiating with energized Republicans and reaching out to the business community.

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NLRB Sanctions Card Check, Small Businesses Will Not Back Down

With its decision in the matter concerning the Dana Corporation, the NLRB decided in favor of Big Labor and against workers and small businesses by sanctioning card check in American workplaces.

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House GOP Should Demand Answers from Solis, Becker

Now that the Republicans will soon control the House, everyone expects President Obama to start actively exercising his executive authority.

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Government Unions vs Taxpayers

When Americans think of organized labor, they might think of images like I saw growing up in a blue-collar meatpacking town: hard hats, work boots, tough conditions and gritty jobs.

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Millions Wasted on Stimulus for Big Labor

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer, you just gave Big Labor a $3.3 million tip. Not for exceptional service, mind you. Just for wearing the union label.

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Delta and the Unions

When Delta merged with Northwest Airlines two and a half years ago, it set the stage for an epic Big Business–Big Labor battle. Northwest was heavily unionized, but at Delta, only the pilots and flight dispatchers belonged to labor organizations.

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