Secretary of Labor Solis Continues Advocacy On Behalf Of Big Labor

This morning’s Washington Examiner editorial called for Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis to step down from her post.  Last weekend, Secretary Solis, speaking at the Democratic National Committee, said “I am a little biased” towards the Union Bosses in the current debate over the role of public-employees’ unions in Wisconsin.

Nearly 90 percent of the workforce is not unionized; therefore, Secretary Solis is using her position to promote her union allies rather than representing the entire workforce—a troubling precedent to set.

On Wednesday night, Secretary Solis, on a conference call with the Communication Workers of America, once again sided with Big Labor:  “I’m very excited to hear about the enthusiasm that’s going on in Wisconsin and around the country,” Solis said.  “I am so inspired and proud of all of you, especially those who went down to Wisconsin and also around the country.”  You can listen to the entire audio here.

The Washington Examiner notes:

On more than one occasion, Solis referred to herself as part of the pro-union, anti-Walker cause.  “I say let’s keep fighting,” Solis said, “let’s stand up for all workers, and let’s mobilize and do what we do best, and that is to make sure that the American public understands that union rights are no different from human rights.”  On another occasion, Solis said, “We are willing to meet those folks at the table,” referring to Gov. Walker and the Republican legislative majority in Wisconsin.

At the end of the call, CWA President Larry Cohen was pleased to have received his “payback” for his past political support:

At the end of Solis’ remarks, Cohen, the CWA president, said, “I think all of us feel like those were historic words, for a member of the cabinet standing with us as clearly as you do, and, as you remind me, speaking for the president.”

It’s clear that Secretary Solis is set on using the Department of Labor as an advocacy arm for Big Labor.  Over and over again, the Obama administration continues to force unionization on workers to reward Big Labor with “payback” for their past political support.  Workers deserve a Labor Secretary who represents all workers and respects their workplace freedom.

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