Democratic, Right-To-Work Governor: NLRB Ruling Could Be ‘Detrimental’

Last year, Arkansas had a debate about the role Big Labor would play in their state.  Big Labor lost after their preferred candidate, former Lt. Governor Bill Halter was defeated by former Senator Blanche Lincoln, who stood up to the Union Bosses in the Democratic primary.  Big Labor funneled millions of dollars into Arkansas – a right-to-work state – because Senator Lincoln stood firm against the Employee ‘Forced’ Choice Act and the nomination of labor radical Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board.

Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe, aware of the fact that Arkansas rejected Big Labor last year, weighed in on President Obama’s labor board’s unprecedented complaint against The Boeing Company.  In their complaint, the NLRB alleges that The Boring Company decided to build a manufacturing plant in the right-to-work state of South Carolina as form of retaliation for past work stoppages.

Governor Beebe said the NLRB complaint impacts Arkansas:

Arkansas, also a right-to-work state, was active in attempting to recruit Boeing’s Dreamliner plant. State and chamber officials in Arkansas often use the right-to-work issue as a selling point.

“It could be detrimental to Arkansas’ economic development efforts if that is carried to some extreme conclusion,” Beebe said Wednesday in a “Talk Politics” interview with Roby Brock. (Link here for more on the interview.)

Beebe said he is not fully versed on the “legal background” cited by NLRB in the ruling, but said it “undoubtedly is raising questions about a company’s ability to move plants to different parts of the company for competitive reasons.”

“It bears watching by Arkansas because it could have an effect on Arkansas,” he added.

Cheryl Garner, vice president of economic development with the Fort Smith Regional Chamber of Commerce, said the ruling could take away one of the state’s selling points when recruiting manufacturers and other large employers.

“We would be losing one of the many advantages that this area has, but it is not a deal killer,” Garner said. “We do market ourselves as a right-to-work state and it is an advantage, certainly. … But I think there are many factors that go into moving a location, in addition to that.”

Watch Governor Beebe discuss this matter with Roby Brock from Talk Business

The Boeing matter begins at the 6:30 mark

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