What Was Discussed In Today’s Meeting With President Obama And Union Bosses? More Bailouts?

According to the White House, President Obama met today with union bosses from the AFL-CIO to “discuss issues important to working families, including how to continue growing our economy and putting Americans back to work.”

Isn’t that ironic? Policies favored by this administration and supported by Big Labor are doing just the opposite – negatively impacting economic growth and putting Americans out of work.

Whether it’s the National Labor Relations Board and their continuous threat to jobs and economic freedom, or the National Mediation Board and their continuous threat to worker freedom, it is clear that these policies are hurting our economy and working families.

But behind closed doors, what will these union bosses demand next from the President? And what bailouts will the President grant them to help address Big Labor’s increasing irrelevance? After making nearly a half a billion dollar investment in President Obama in 2008, there is no doubt they want ‘payback’ for it.

And what will that payback be? Micro units and ambush elections compliments from the NLRB?  Allowing a minority of workers to decide whether a collective bargaining unit should be formed in the airline and railroad industry compliments of the NMB?  Perhaps they will even discuss ways to implement the Congressionally-defeated Employee ‘Forced’ Choice Act – legislation that economist say will cost us 600,000 jobs?

Last year, WFI launched a web video highlighting Labor Boss Richard Trumka saying he’s at the White House a “couple of times a week.” Obviously this is working for Mr. Trumka considering all the handouts that he’s received from the administration. Unfortunately these handouts hurt working families and cost America jobs.

WATCH: Big Unions, Big Money, Big Payback

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