Washington Post/Bloomberg Republican debate is 10/11—Will Candidates Discuss the NLRB’s Job-Killing Assault Against Workers?

The next Republican Presidential debate is Tuesday, October 11 at 8 p.m. ET, and with it comes another great opportunity for WFI members to make their voices heard by submitting questions via Twitter, using #econdebate.

Where: Hanover, NH
When: Tuesday, Oct. 11 @ 8 pm ET

Here’s Your Chance to Participate

The Washington Post and Bloomberg TV, in partnership with WBIN-TV and host Dartmouth College are teaming up to organize the debate and are accepting questions from the public.  This is a perfect opportunity for everyone who cares about workforce fairness to make an impact! Tweet questions by clicking here. Be sure to use #econdebate.

Top voted questions will be asked of candidates during the debate.
Be sure to watch the debate to see if your questions are asked!

Candidates Need to Address Our Issues

Jobs and the economy will be hot button issues.  Candidates need to address important workforce fairness issues that affect the economy, like:

H.R. 2587, the Protecting Jobs from Government Interference Act — the Senate needs to support this important piece of legislation, which seeks to ban the unelected and unrepresentative NLRB from designating where a company can do business.

“Quickie” or “ambush” elections – the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has proposed cutting the time of unionization elections in a way that would rig them in favor of union bosses.

Dept. of Labor “Gag Rule” – this proposed regulation would inhibit employers from seeking legal counsel and speaking out during unionization elections.

Micro-Units – the NLRB wants to allow Big Labor to create various bargaining units in one place of work, some as small as two people.

Forced Unionization – the National Mediation Board (NMB) upending nearly a century of precedent and forcing unionization on airline and railroad workers.

This is a great opportunity to find out where those running for President stand on these issues.

What kinds of questions can you ask?


The #NLRB continues to overstep its legal boundaries. How would you rectify the situation? #EconDebate #EFCA

Should employers have time to express their views on unionization to employees? #BigLabor #EFCA #EconDebate

What’s more important to you as a candidate: workforce fairness or #BigLabor interests? #TCOT #EconDebate

How would you resolve the #NLRB complaint against #Boeing that could cost more than 1,000 jobs in SC? #SCTweets #EconDebate

How would you stop the #NLRB from rewriting labor laws to favor #BigLabor? #EconDebate

What would you do differently than the @BarackObama administration to handle the rogue #NLRB? #EconDebate

What policies would you implement to save jobs in Right-to-Work states from #BigLabor bullies like #NLRB? #GOPDebate

Do you support H.R. 2587, the Protecting Jobs from Government Interference Act? #NLRB #WFI2012 #econdebate

What do you think about Judicial Watch catching #NLRB attorneys siding with #BigLabor in #Boeing lawsuit discussions. #econdebate

Do you support H.R. 3094, the Workforce Democracy and Fairness Act? #NLRB #BigLabor #econdebate

Do you support bill introduced by @RepJohnKline that protects workers and job creators & stops #NLRB overreach? #econdebate


How significant is the fact that Michigan and New Hampshire are considering Right-to-Work legislation? Do you think it will have an impact on the state’s economy? #EconDebate

Under the Obama Administration, the #NLRB continues to infringe upon employers rights. How would you lessen its adverse effect on business? #EconDebate

How would you stop the NLRB from imposing excessive regulations that oversteps its legal authority, kills jobs, and hurts American business owners? Is there a solution to rogue regulators? #EconDebate

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