Depth Of Obama Labor Board Job-Killing Dishonesty On “Micro-Units” Revealed

By Fred Wszolek

As President Obama’s National Labor Relations Board continues on its crash course to kill jobs and close American businesses, the depths of their dishonesty are being revealed.  In arriving at its conclusion in Specialty Healthcare, a decision which radically alters how collective bargaining units are defined, the regulatory agency stated they “did not create new criteria for determining appropriate bargaining units outside of health care facilities.”  At the time, we knew the statement was patently false and it has just been demonstrated in the NLRB’s decision reached on the eve of labor radical Craig Becker’s exit that states rental service agents constitute an appropriate unit and does not include any other employees working in the same location.  By allowing multiple mini-units to be formed in every industry therefore allowing union bosses to gain a foothold into businesses, labor relations costs related to bargaining will skyrocket and threaten the solvency of employers and produce greater jobs losses.  In its most recent decision, the Obama labor board is once again demonstrating they will say and do anything to payback labor bosses, and in the process destroy the ability of workers and small businesses to lead our country toward economic recovery and growth.


DTG Operations Inc., 357 N.L.R.B. No. 175, 12/30/11 (Accessed, 1/20/12)

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