KEEP Secure Act Will Prevent Big Labor From Handling Your Personal Information

With workers increasingly concerned about Big Labor prying into their personal lives, Congresswoman Sandy Adams (R-FL) has taken a stand on the issue by introducing the Keep Employees’ Emails and Phones Secure Act or KEEP Secure Act (H.R. 3991). The bill seeks to keep employee telephone numbers and email addresses out of the prying hands of union bosses who are eager to coerce or harass workers during workplace elections.

Adams introduced the bill in response to a June 2011 National Labor Relations Board ruling that mandates all businesses relinquish their employee’s contact information.  The new rules expanded regulations from 1966 in which employers were required to provide basic contact information for what’s called an “Excelsior” pre-election voter list turned over to the NLRB regional manager.  The information was then turned over to union bosses.
This time, the NLRB wants to expand the rule to include e-mail addresses and telephone numbers.

“From their decision against Boeing, Inc. in South Carolina to their decision to implement ambush elections, the NLRB has clearly overstepped its authority and has imposed the president’s job killing agenda into the private sector,” said Rep. Adams in a statement.  “Forcing an employee to hand over this personal information is an intolerable invasion of privacy.”
The bill has already gained support from thirty-three co-sponsors in the House of Representatives.  Others are certain to follow.

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