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Union Boss Violence & Intimidation

The NLRB is working to bring division, discord, and disharmony to workplaces. They also intend to deliver it to the email inboxes, voicemails, and even the front porches of employees. Continue reading

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NLRB Argues That Employers Cannot Prohibit An Employee From Wearing Clothing With Vulgar & Obscene Messages On It

The agency’s complaint was filed in September 2011, against Caesars Entertainment Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino’s, the owner and operator of Caesar’s Palace in Las, Vegas, Nevada. Last week, an administrative law judge soundly rejected the NLRB’s argument. The judge also rejected the NLRB’s claim that four other employer work rules violated the law. The agency lucked out with one violation of the six alleged. Continue reading

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WFI Spokesman Explains Why “‘Micro-Unions’ Are A Big Deal To American Employers” in Townhall Column

President Obama is a well-known basketball fan and it is only appropriate to draw a parallel with the game during March Madness. A point guard needs to know the power forward is going to be on the block before he makes the pass under the basket. His teammate doesn’t actually have to be there when the ball leaves his hands, but he does require the certainty that his fellow player will be there once the ball arrives. One might refer to that as confidence. Without it, that team is unlikely to win. It seems simple to understand and completely logical. Continue reading

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WFI Letter To NLRB On Changes To Excelsior Rule

In light of your announced plans, WFI respectfully requests that all the comments received by the Board on its original proposal to amend the Excelsior Rule, both pro and con, be made immediately available on the NLRB’s web site. This will enable the public to be fully informed and further comment on any changes in the rule before they are made. Continue reading

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How Did The Chinese Premier Become The American Worker’s “Best Friend?”

Who is the American worker’s best friend? While everyone may have a different opinion on that question, it’s likely few would say Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao. But when the International Longshoreman’s Association was gearing up to give its “Best Friend … Continue reading

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Who Is Richard Trumka Trying to Fool?

The true irony here is that while Trumka extols the virtues of the struggling modern worker, blasting “people [who] can drop in five or six million bucks at the drop of a hat to alter a presidential race,” he’s living it up with his other Big Labor buddies at the Buena Vista Hotel and Spa in Orlando.
Continue reading

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What About RESPECT-ing Workers & Small Businesses?

In the spirit of disguising anti-worker legislation with friendly-sounding names (remember the “Employee Free Choice Act?”), this bill is called the Re-empowerment of Skilled and Professional Employees and Construction Tradeworkers Act, or RESPECT Act. The only thing this bill respects, though, is the power of union bosses to expand their grip on America’s workplaces. Continue reading

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Michigan Graduate Student Research Assistants Are Students, Not Employees

In the end, graduate student research assistants – just as their title clearly states – are students, not workers, with a primarily educational, not economic, relationship with their employer. And while this seems obvious to nearly anyone assessing the current situation at the University of Michigan, it is stunning that some at the institution and in the legislature would so strenuously argue against it. Continue reading

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