Union Boss Violence & Intimidation

Watch: Union Boss Violence and Intimidation

The NLRB is working to bring division, discord, and disharmony to workplaces. They also intend to deliver it to the email inboxes, voicemails, and even the front porches of employees.

A new rule being considered would require business owners to turn over to union organizers working on behalf of labor bosses the name, phone number, email address, and even home address of every employee within two days of the filing of an organizing petition.  These paid and professional union organizers would use that information to contact employees, even paying them a visit.

But given some unions’ long history of violence and intimidation, it’s simply wrong to disclose workers’ fundamentally private information, putting them at risk.  No one other than the employer has a right to such personal information and employees should make the decision whether it is provided to anyone.

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