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Big Labor’s Vision For The Future Nothing More Than Extension Of Job-Killing Policies

Big Labor feels its grasp on power brokers in the nation’s capital slipping. With dwindling labor participation and diminished influence among the American electorate, union bosses are making a push to secure more power before it is too late.
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Micro-Unions: Bad for Health Care Costs and Patients

The U.S. health care industry is an attractive target for organized labor because it is stocked with well-paying jobs that cannot be outsourced. After 1974, union activity in the industry increased markedly when Congress amended the law and included non-profit hospitals under the provisions of the National Labor Relations Act. Continue reading

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Sen. Isakson Blasts Big Labor for Influencing NMB

In a recent interview on Main Street Radio’s “Battle Line with Alan Nathan” Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson points out that the National Mediation Board (NMB), filled with Obama Administration Big Labor friends, has sought to violate the Federal Aviation Administration Modernization and … Continue reading

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