Union Boss Thugs Bite The Hand That Feeds Them

By WFI Staff

Common sense clearly hasn’t prevailed among the Big Labor boss elite running Las Vegas’ Culinary Union.  In the latest and most outrageous example of labor movement thuggery run amuck, labor bosses are ordering rank-and-file minions to turn away the very lifeblood of America’s hottest tourist destination: the tourists.

It sounds farfetched, we know.  But, desperate union bosses looking for a breakthrough, are resorting to harassing and insulting tourists who feed the economy that pays their bills and puts food on the table for their hardworking members.  You have to view this recent KVVU-TV segment to believe it, which reports:

Protesters shouted names at tourists, calling them “losers” and “jerks” as they walked inside the Cosmopolitan on Saturday, Oct. 5.  The Culinary Union Local 226 put on the rally as part of the ongoing negotiations between the hotel and the union to sign a deal.

It’s gone viral already, hitting FOX Nation, too and a number of other publications from Vegas, Inc. to Nevada News and Views.

This is all rather peculiar considering the fact tourism is pretty much the entertainment attraction’s main source of revenue beyond construction and homebuilding.  But, even then, any other sector in the Las Vegas economy is driven by, once again, how much tourism the city can bring in.

While posting crazed union members to picket the famed Cosmopolitan hotel and casino, Culinary Union boss chiefs were apparently too busy planning to wreck the Vegas strip economy to pause and reflect on the numbers.  But, union chiefs ought to be real careful what they ask for.  Post-recession, Las Vegas tourism is actually growing, up 2.1 percent from 2011 to nearly 40 million visitors in 2012.  That translated into nearly $10 billion of revenue for the entire Clark County area, with over $6 billion from the legendary casino strip.  If tourists stop going to Vegas, that’s a hit no one in that town can afford to absorb.

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