From Biting The Hand To Chewing Off The Whole Arm

By WFI Staff

This time, what happens in Vegas didn’t exactly stay there as once thought.  At least not when it’s the openly hostile and outrageous antics of Culinary Union Local 226.  It’s turning into a circus on the stripthat risks hurting the entertainment corridor’s crucial tourism lifeline.

Culinary Union bosses are playing hardball with employees and employers on the legendary Vegas strip by posting foul-mouthed protesters outside currently non-union hotels and casinos.  The game plan, it appears, is to simply scare tourists away and squeeze otherwise reasonable-minded employers into submission.  But, how that helps anyone who lives and works in Vegas is beyond any reasoned individual watching this take place.  The Las Vegas Review-Journal’s recent editorial agrees:

Video footage shot by the Alliance to Protect Nevada Jobs — a group that advocates for private-sector employers — shows picketers with megaphones hounding Strip visitors. Said one protester: “You and your girlfriend are a bunch of losers, losers. Especially your girlfriend.” Another yelled: “Look at these nasty scabs. … Shame on you and your ugly pants. … Loser, you filthy loser. Look at these ugly girls.”

That’s not a message that will rally support for a Culinary contract. In attacking the very people who provide livelihoods for the 44,000 members of the Culinary Local 226, the union has gone from biting the hand that feeds it (strike threats to Wall Street investors and analysts, harassing Station Casinos visitors, picking fights with the Ultimate Fighting Championship) to chewing off the whole arm.

It’s always been a tough proposition to expect perennially uncivil union bosses to actually know how to work out differences without resorting to intimidation and violence.  Yet, it seems that labor chiefs calling themselves “leaders” would, at least apply common sense – especially in an economy as reliant on tourism as Las Vegas.

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