UAW Violating Tennessee Workplace Laws

By WFI Staff

Turns out, the United Auto Workers may have been violating state law the entire time they’ve been pushing for a muscular union in a Chattanooga, TN Volkswagen plant.

The details are still emerging.  But, a little-known Tennessee law (now showing up on headlines) stipulates the administration of secret ballot elections as opposed to UAW’s preferred “card check” scheme.  It was Gov. Bill Haslam in 2011 who signed the law in hopes that workers wouldn’t have to fear intimidation from union chiefs in the workplace.

When Big Labor bosses propose contrived card check plays, that typically entails workers doing no more than signing an open petition-style piece of paper – in front of other workers and the same union chiefs they may or may not want to vote for.  Haslam and the Tennessee state legislature, eager to restore some sense of democracy to the process, rightfully passed a better and much more secure process that simply follows what voters have been doing since the nation’s founding, voting theirconscience in privacy.

Reports Ellis Smith in the Chattanooga Times Free Press when quoting state Senator Mark Green, vice chair of the state legislature’s Senate Commerce Committee:

“You’ve got seven guys standing around you who work with you every day and they’re saying, ‘hey, sign this card,'” Green said. “We don’t elect the governor that way, we don’t elect our representatives that way, the ballot is secret. That’s democracy.”

Obviously, UAW is none too happy about this latest development.  They argue that, in the end, the federal National Labor Relations Board trumps state law.  “I mean, you could have something in the state charter taking voting rights away from women, but you can’t do it because the federal law supersedes it,” says UAW’s regional director Gary Casteel, making outrageous and intellectually dishonest analogies. “The NLRB, that’s the law of the land as far as labor law.” Ironic considering the NLRB has been barely functional itself after the Obama White House force fed constitutionally questionable nominees to the board.

What is clear is that Tennessee could be losing out because of this ongoing UAW-instigated melee.  A state lawmaker notes that several major manufacturers have already suspended plans to build operations in the Volunteer State as businesses wait for a resolution.  That’s not only costing Tennessee its business friendly environment, but it’s also costing hard-working Tennesseans jobs.

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