WFI Applauds President Trump’s Executive Order On Regulations


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January 30, 2017                                                                                    202-677-7060

WFI Applauds President Trump’s Executive Order On Regulations

Washington, D.C. – Workforce Fairness Institute (WFI) spokesperson Heather Greenaway released the following statement today in response to the executive order signed by President Trump on regulations:

“President Trump has fulfilled yet another campaign promise with his executive order to limit excessive government overregulation.  With the stroke of a pen, President Trump ensured that for every new federal regulation implemented, two others must be rescinded, signaling his seriousness to cut through the bureaucratic red tape and allow small businesses to grow and thrive.  For far too long, federal regulations have imposed undue burdens on workers and job creators in this country.  This executive order is great news for businesses across America who have been burdened by regulations from agencies like the National Labor Relations Board and the Obama-era Department of Labor.”

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