Workforce Fairness Institute Reacts To 2018 Labor, Health & Human Services, Education Appropriations Bill


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Workforce Fairness Institute Reacts To 2018 Labor, Health & Human Services, Education Appropriations Bill
Blocking New Joint Employer Standard & Micro-Unions Is Good Step Forward; Inability To Stop Ambush Elections Missed Opportunity

Washington, D.C. – Workforce Fairness Institute (WFI) spokesperson Heather Greenaway released the following statement today reacting to developments surrounding the FY 2018 Labor, HHS, Education Appropriations bill:

“It is a positive development for America’s employees and employers that the bill funding the National Labor Relations Board will prevent the job-killing new joint employer standard, as well as the deeply flawed micro-union decision.  The new joint employer standard upended decades of labor law through the Browning-Ferris ruling and created a new standard where liability was expanded to businesses that did not have direct purview over workplace employees.  Just as bad, the Specialty Healthcare decision completely altered the standard for determining the makeup of a collective bargaining unit giving union bosses the ability to organize small subsets of employees known as micro-unions.  Unfortunately though, an opportunity was missed to address the board’s decision to condense the union organizing election timeframe giving workers and businesses as few as 11 days to prepare.  Going forward, the collection of these issues demands the continued attention of lawmakers as they threaten jobs and discourage employers from engaging confidently in our economy and in manner that benefits all Americans.”

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