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Why Can’t American Workers Expect The Same Kind Of Privacy As Obama Appointees?

By WFI Staff The double-standard shown by the U.S. (Big) Labor Department is so absurd, it’s humorous.  While bureaucrats from Obama’s Labor Department to the the President’s National Labor Relations Board are pushing rule changes and decisions to force employers … Continue reading

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Local Union Bosses Don’t Know When No Means No

Apparently, Local 509 thinks it’s above the law, encouraging its organizers to make the rounds to FHR employee homes at outrageous hours. And, FHR ended up threatening to call police before Local 509 cronies would leave the group residential homes. Union organizers are desperate to gather signatures at any cost, going so far as to mislead FHR employees about their intentions. Continue reading

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WFI Discusses Big Labor’s Bailouts On Fox Business

WFI’s Fred Wszolek discusses the overreach by the NLRB and efforts that would require employers to hand over a worker’s personal information to a union boss.

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WFI Sends Letter Concerning Keeping Employees’ Emails & Phones Secure Act

Forcing employers to turn over their employees’ personal contact information is not only inconsistent with employees’ privacy expectations; it is also ruinous public policy. Whether to unionize or not is one of the most important decisions an employee will make. It is a difficult question and for that reason, union elections are often contentious with strong feelings being expressed on both sides of the question. Employees need their private space to calmly consider the issue. Continue reading

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