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UAW Violating Tennessee Workplace Laws

By WFI Staff Turns out, the United Auto Workers may have been violating state law the entire time they’ve been pushing for a muscular union in a Chattanooga, TN Volkswagen plant. The details are still emerging.  But, a little-known Tennessee law (now … Continue reading

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After Several Difficult Weeks, Obama Labor Board Seeks Relief

by Fred Wszolek (originally published in Real Clear Politics) Recent weeks have not been kind to President Obama’s National Labor Relations Board. In the days since the historic ruling against the Board by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the … Continue reading

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WFI Launches Missouri Radio Actuality

This NLRB ruling was nothing more than a payback to union bosses to help stem their declining membership and makes a mockery of the secret ballot. Passage of this resolution would ensure that employers are able to fairly tell their side of the story especially since many of them can’t afford the proper counsel to deal with complex labor laws. More importantly, the resolution would ensure that the freedoms of workers and small businesses are protected. Missourians will be watching to see how Senator McCaskill votes on these ambush elections. Continue reading

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