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Obama Is Letting The Unions Take Over And Hurt Small Businesses

by Hector Barreto (originally appeared in NBC Latino) As someone who has operated for many years both in the business community as well as its representative in government, I know what considerations aspiring entrepreneurs and established employers factor in when … Continue reading

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After Several Difficult Weeks, Obama Labor Board Seeks Relief

by Fred Wszolek (originally published in Real Clear Politics) Recent weeks have not been kind to President Obama’s National Labor Relations Board. In the days since the historic ruling against the Board by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the … Continue reading

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Obama Labor Board: Frivolous Complaints Against Small Businesses

By Fred Wszolek The harassment of America’s largest exporter, the Boeing Company, by a frivolous complaint filed against it by the Acting General Counsel (AGC) of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Lafe Solomon was a headline throughout the country.  … Continue reading

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WFI to USDA: New Labor Law Rules “Bad Policy”

“In sum, the Department has not established the statutory basis for its role in enforcing our local, state and national labor laws and it has not shown reasoned basis for the certification requirement,” argued Fred Wszolek, spokesman for WFI. “The rule is bad public policy and should be abandoned.” Continue reading

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Will Obama Deliver More Payback To Big Labor Under The Guise Of Protecting American Consumers?

The Workforce Fairness Institute (WFI) today released the following statement in response to news reports that White House lawyers have concluded “President Obama has the legal authority to name Richard Cordray head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) through a recess appointment”: Continue reading

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Small Business Needs Congress To Restrain NLRB

The NLRB has turned its back on fairly enforcing labor law and instead decided to rewrite the law to benefit Big Labor. Continue reading

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A Quickie Vote For Quickie Elections

The only reason the NLRB is going to such lengths to enact these regulations is that union bosses know the public is opposed to their job-killing proposals and they won’t get the results they want by going through Congress. Continue reading

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